What is Battlespace 6?

 Many people are familiar with battlespaces, they just may not know it. The ones that almost everyone knows are Air, Land, and Sea. The next two battlespaces are not as commonly known, being Human and Cyber. If you’ve ever heard someone say, “winning the hearts and minds” they are referring to the human battlespace, where the object is to essentially win over local populations. Cyber battlespace is warfare on the internet.

Those of us that have raised our hands, taken the oath, and went on to meet the enemy on the battlefield are what we call Battlespace 6. The sixth battlespace is all about the men and women returning from war, it is a war for our veterans. As we combat veterans return, many of us struggle with the transition; identity loss, communication, and loss of purpose. We, as veterans, are the solution for other veterans. 

Our goal at Battlespace 6, is to develop an environment for veterans to come together through playing tabletop board games. Many of us miss the camaraderie, competitiveness, and desire to do something with our military training. War games are something familiar, from rock drills to blue force training, we like to play war. Playing war games again will allow service members to exercise our military minds in a safe manner and allow for veterans to keep mentoring veterans. 

From personal experience I have learned that art and creation are a great outlet that allow me to quiet my mind, relax, and find peace. Assembling little plastic men and painting them allows me to feel connected, each one of my toy soldiers has a name, a story, just like my brothers and sisters that I served with. When I get to the game store and pull out my army, I have pride in my work, and am eager to meet my opponent and match strategies. By playing a historical tabletop game called Bolt Action I am able to exercise military maneuvers, execute strategies, and learn. I am also able to mentor and train my fellow war gamers in an effort to enhance my own abilities. By playing army again I feel I am in proper place and I have become more social.

Please join in on this mission and help us reach veterans who are in need of a purpose, sense of belonging, and an identity. Our goal is to use this organization to hold events for veterans and non-veterans to interact and play tabletop games across the nation. 

- Jonny Brann, President and Founder of Battlespace 6


Your donations at work

With your donations we buy games, accessories, tables, and anything related to tabletop gaming for veterans, widows, and survivors.